Arabic for Kids Full Track course encompasses all aspects of the Arabic Language, while keeping the learning fun and exciting for children to learn Arabic. In this course, they will learn to write, read, and understand the Arabic Language.

Not every student can fly over to Egypt to study Arabic at Al-Azhar. What is the best alternative? How can your kid improve his Arabic vocabulary?

We’ve got the perfect solution for you. If you want your child to learn the Arabic Language ,  so he can study the Quran, if you want to know how to learn Arabic, or if you just want them to be in touch with their Arabic roots, you have come to the right place.

Using Arabiya Bayna  Yaday  Awladinah (Arabic Between Our Children’s Hands) curriculum, your child will have access to practice what they learn, review their books, and will be speaking and understanding Arabic in no time!



  • Your child will gain confidence in reading in the Arabic script.
  • He/she will be able to speak and understand the Arabic language.
  • He/she will be able to write in the Arabic script with ease.
  • Your child will begin understanding the Quran without translation.
  • He/she will comprehend Arabic without having to translate from English.
  • With hard work and the guidance of their teacher, your child will be fluent in the Arabic language upon completion of all levels.
  • Male and female Arabic teachers available.


Your kid is going to love studying with us!

Step-by-step learning

We are using a step-by-step study approach that won’t overload your kid with information as to where you have to start and what you need to do. We will take care of all that.

The Arabic course is divided into multiple levels that ease the language learning process. It will allow us to pay attention to your children’s pace and progress, and adjust if needed.

Become conversational quickly

Our communicative approach methodology is exceedingly intuitive and enjoyable for kids. It enables kids to exercise their practical language capacities at their very own pace and access all our Arabic exercises online in the solace of your own home. Through our program, they will quickly end up fluent in Arabic

Having fun while learning Arabic grammar 

Learning Arabic grammar can be exhausting and time consuming if not done systematically and with supervision. Most of the kids usually lose interest along the way and therefore their attention is difficult to maintain. But it does not have to be neither hard nor difficult to learn Arabic grammar. That’s exactly why our world-class teachers have created fun and friendly Arabic grammar exercises so that children can enjoy learning Arabic and find their passion for this beautiful language.


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